We have made arrangements with UBC Conferences and Accommodation to provide accommodations for those attending ACAL50 at discounted rates. The location of stay is on campus, close to a bus stop, and will be within walking distance to our venues. For reference when deciding which days you’ll be staying, please see the Schedule of Events page.

Please note that registration is not open at this time, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Registration fees will be paid separately, and reserving your accommodations will not constitute having registered for the conference. At this time, the information below is for those who would like to book their accommodations before they have registered for the conference.

Booking online

For the full range of options available, and to book your room(s) online, please click here. Please make sure to use this link when booking your stay so as to receive the discounted rates. If you book your room(s) by going to UBC Conferences and Accommodation’s website directly, without using this link, you will not receive the discounted rates. Also note that, once you click through, there will be two tabs, once for standard suites, and another for budget rooms in shared apartments, the latter of which is significantly cheaper.

Please also note that their website is optimized for using Google Chrome or IE. Old versions of Macs using Safari can sometimes have difficulties, or the system can be slow. If this is the case, or if you have questions or do not wish to book online, you are welcome to book directly through the Reservations Office.

Booking through the Reservations Office

Reservations Office:
1 604 822 1000
1 888 822 1030 (toll free within Canada and the United States)

When emailling or calling the Reservations Office, please provide the group code C190522A to receive your ACAL50 discounted rates.

Billeting or homestay

We understand that, for some who wish to participate in the conference, even the costs of discounted accommodations will be prohibitively expensive and burdensome. As such, for those who may need it, we will make our best effort to coordinate with local residents who may be willing to host scholars and students who will be attending the conference. However, we appreciate your understanding that we might not be able to match everyone with a host. For inquiries regarding this opportunity, please email us at with the subject line “ACAL50 housing, First-Name Last-Name.” If your inquiries are regarding paid accommodation, however, please contact the Reservations Office, as noted in the section above.